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Wheebox National Employability Test (WNET)

WNET (Wheebox National Eligibility Test) is India's largest employability test. It is a screening assessment that is endorsed by Industries and Academia. WNET has been conducted for over 5 million students. The assessment provides an initial transcript and detailed scorecard for each module for the candidate, while highlighting the strengths and areas of improvement. It aims to give all aspirants a snapshot of their capability in Employability Skills.

WNET has been endorsed by:
- Association of Indian Universities(AIU)
- Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

About The Test

WNET, the largest employability measurement tool globally, with over 27 countries using it measures job readiness in 90 minutes through Multiple Choice, Asynchronous Video Interview, CMRI (Click and Selection Based Comprehension) and Programming Questions.

The assessment is conducted broadly for Engineering and Non-Engineering Students.

Students from any Engineering background are required to take a programming test along with English Language, Numerical Reasoning, Data Understanding, Critical Thinking, Digital Literacy, Personality Traits, Learning Agility and Future Skills based assessment.


You will have 85 questions out of which 84 questions are based on Cognitive ability test and 1 is based on your programming ability.

Students who are from other backgrounds than engineering will face 94 questions, out of which 84 questions are based on Cognitive ability test and 10 are their domain based MCQs.

Areas of Measurement

English Language Skills
Assess proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, evaluating one's ability to comprehend, communicate, and express ideas effectively in English. Listening and writing assessments are adaptive in nature, which means, the subsequent questions will change its difficulty as per your response to the previous ones. Reading and speaking assessments are normal assessments that means their level will not change based on your response.
Arithmetic Skills
Evaluated based on calculations, data interpretation, problem-solving, and the use of graphs and tables, assessing one's quantitative skills and analytical proficiency. This is an adaptive test. It evaluates the candidate's competencies in numerical reasoning and data analysis.
Critical Thinking
Ability to analyse, evaluate, and interpret information objectively, enabling effective problem-solving and decision-making. Its test type is adaptive.
Digital Literacy
Evaluates proficiency in using digital tools such as word processing, spreadsheets, the Internet & email, designing presentations, critically evaluating information, and problem-solving in the digital age. This is an adaptive test as well.
Personality Traits
Assess enduring characteristics that shape an individual's behavior, attitudes, and interpersonal interactions, influencing their approach to tasks, relationships, and overall demeanour. This is a psychometric assessment.
Learning Agility
Evaluates one's capacity to quickly adapt, acquire new skills, and effectively apply knowledge in dynamic and evolving environments. This is a psychometric assessment too.
General Knowledge
Evaluates one's broad understanding of various subjects, encompassing a wide range of information and awareness about the world. This is an adaptive test.
Future Skills
Adaptable, in-demand abilities for thriving in a changing professional landscape, including critical thinking, problem-solving, digital literacy, and collaboration. This is also an adaptive test.
Job Role Test
It consists of either a programming or 10 MCQ questions based on a candidate's preferred domain. It evaluates a candidate's job-role readiness.

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